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BBQ 4 Newbies

BBQ 4 Newbies

Have you always wanted to become the king of your backyard BBQ or compete on the pro circuit, but don’t know where to start? Fire up the pit and join Kurt Mueller and Kevin Pflieger, BBQ fanatics and "newbie" competitors on the pro circuit, as they share their tips, tricks, timelines and techniques! Plus some sauce and rub recipes all in under 30 minutes so you can start taking action on your BBQ dreams!

This is BBQ for Newbies…

Recent Episodes

Ep 27 - Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone w/ Rob and Amy of Rum Runners BBQ

Sept. 29, 2022

Kurt talks with Rob and Amy, Pit Masters of Rum Runners BBQ out of Orlando, FL about their experience starting their BBQ journey with another team and then making their own, how they came up with the name Rum Runners, the fu…

Ep 26 - Money, Business, and BBQ w/ Kevin Ward of Four41 South BBQ

Sept. 22, 2022

Kurt talks with Kevin Ward, Owner and Pit Master of Four41 South BBQ out of Canton, GA about how he started in BBQ with catering and a food truck, eventually leading to a brick and mortar, pointers for cooking a good brisket…

Ep 25 - For the Love of BBQ w/ Brad Leighninger of Getting Basted

Sept. 15, 2022

Kurt talks with Brad Leighninger, pit master of Gettin' Basted based out of Branson, MO about getting thrown into a competition, his beginner’s luck, the growing popularity of drum smokers and the hot and fast cooking style,…

Ep 24 - Quitting the Job and Going All In on BBQ w/ Bill Purvis of Chicken Fried BBQ

Sept. 9, 2022

Kurt talks with Bill Purvis, pit master of Chicken Fried BBQ based out of Spring, TX, about how he slowly started to get addicted to the sport, where the name for Chicken Fried BBQ came from, his unique BBQ rub, his hot and …

Ep 23 - Exploring the Different Avenues of BBQ w/ Sunny Moody

Sept. 1, 2022

Kurt talks with Sunny Moody, pit master of Moodswing BBQ out of Nashville, TN, about the life changing event that got her started in BBQ, different creative ways to cook and get involved, her passion about bringing women and…

Ep 22 - Stickin' with What You Know w/ Randy McKnight

Aug. 25, 2022

Kurt talks with Randy McKnight, pit master of Smokin' Rack out of Jacksonville, FL, about why he cooks low and slow, a story about getting stitches and still getting the Grand Champion, the fun he likes to have in competitio…