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BBQ 4 Newbies

Have you always wanted to become the king of your backyard BBQ or compete on the pro circuit, but don’t know where to start? Fire up the pit and join Kurt Mueller and Kevin Pflieger, BBQ fanatics and "newbie" competitors on the pro circuit, as they share their tips, tricks, timelines and techniques! Plus some sauce and rub recipes all in under 30 minutes so you can start taking action on your BBQ dreams!

This is BBQ for Newbies…

Recent Episodes

Try New Things and Be Unique with Your Cooks + Smoked Desserts, w/ Sammy Ever of 702 in the Kitchen

Jan. 26, 2023

Kurt talks with Sammy Ever of 702 in the Kitchen out of Las Vegas, NV about how his passion for cooking started when he was growing up helping his mom in the kitchen, why he likes trying new things and being unique, supporti…

Building Brotherhood One Cook at a Time w/ Justin Juice Turner & AJ Johnson of NorAla

Jan. 19, 2023

Kurt talks with Justin Juice Turner & AJ Johnson of Norala BBQ Team out of Northern Alabama about about moving past the fear of competition and not having enough equipment to start BBQ competitions, hitting it off after thei…

Starting Small, Having Fun, and Learning a Lot w/ Michael Underwood of 931 BBQ

Jan. 12, 2023

Kurt talks with the first guest on BBQ 4 Newbies who is from the SCA (Steak Cookoff Association), Michael Underwood of 931 BBQ out of Shelbyville, TN, about why he decided to join the SCA, what to do and what NOT to do when …

Growing the Sport of Competition BBQ w/ Dustin Rudd of Blue Collar BBQ

Jan. 5, 2023

Kurt talks with Dustin Rudd, Pit Master of Blue Collar BBQ out of Southhaven, MS about how he got started in BBQ at 17 years old when his neighbors left an abandoned smoker after moving, going from KCBS to MBN, why he was he…

Make Small Tweaks to Stand Out with Your BBQ w/ Dustin Davis of Que N Da 662

Dec. 29, 2022

Kurt talks with Dustin Davis, Pit Master of Competition BBQ Team 'Que N Da 662' of Coldwater, MS, about how he has been a part of a BBQ family since he was a kid, he loves how it brings people together, rediscovered how muc…

Finding Purpose & Changing Lives Through BBQ w/ Marcio Borguezan of Hog Addiction

Dec. 22, 2022

Kurt talks with Marcio Borguezan, Owner & Founder of Hog Addiction BBQ Competition Team out of Biloxi, MI, and the first BBQ 4 Newbies guest from the MBN (Memphis BBQ Network), about the difference between MBN and other BBQ …