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BBQ 4 Newbies

BBQ 4 Newbies

Have you always wanted to become the king of your backyard BBQ or compete on the pro circuit, but don’t know where to start? Fire up the pit and join Kurt Mueller and Kevin Pflieger, BBQ fanatics and "newbie" competitors on the pro circuit, as they share their tips, tricks, timelines and techniques! Plus some sauce and rub recipes all in under 30 minutes so you can start taking action on your BBQ dreams!

This is BBQ for Newbies…

Recent Episodes

Putting Passion and Love Into Your Cooking w/ The Smokin' Texan

Dec. 1, 2022

Kurt talks with The Smokin' Texan (Chrissy Chance, Jeremy Chance, & Keith Kendrick), out of Canton, GA, about what got them interested in starting a BBQ restaurant, how Chrissy and Jeremy got started in BBQ, the Texas style …

Letting the Grand Championships Speak for Themselves w/ Rub Bagby of Swamp Boys BBQ

Nov. 17, 2022

Kurt talks with Rub Bagby, Pit Master of Swamp Boys BBQ out of Winter Haven, FL, about starting his BBQ journey 18 years ago, the story of how he got the nickname Rub, why he started teaching classes, why he came up with his…

Turning the Impossible Possible w/ Brent Broaddus of Slapulator BBQ

Nov. 10, 2022

Kurt talks with Brent Broaddus, Pit Master of Slapulator BBQ out of Riverview, FL, about how his BBQ journey started after feeling lonely during Covid and his social media algorithm taking him to Harry Soo, picking out what …

Ep 32 - Being Obsessed & Learning More About BBQ w/ Robert Vanderipe of Smoke Me Silly

Nov. 3, 2022

Kurt talks with Robert Vanderipe, Co-Pit Master of Smoke Me Silly BBQ Team out of Madison, AL, about how he got roped into cooking chicken after a dropout for his first competition, Smoke Me Silly getting back to their roots…

Ep 31 - Denim Fest and Creating A Better Future for Competition BBQ w/ Gary Lamb of Revival Events Group

Oct. 24, 2022

Kurt talks with Gary Lamb, Owner and Founder of Revival Events Group about how he started in BBQ, how it saved his life and how it helped rebuild his community, creating a better future for competition BBQ by putting the fan…

Ep 30 - Being the Hardest Worker in BBQ w/ Phil Breeden of LC BBQ

Oct. 20, 2022

Kurt talks with Phil Breeden, Pit Master of LC BBQ out of Bandera, TX about how he went from not knowing competition BBQ existed to getting hooked and making a whole business out of it, getting the name LC BBQ, how he separa…